The Catalyst with Samantha Kris

Leadership in Times of Crisis

April 8, 2020

There’s no such thing as a strategic plan anymore. The covid-19 crisis has turned businesses upside down and shaken things up. Leaders are being called upon to innovate, motivate and alleviate the worries of their employees and customers, all while being worried themselves. Stakes are high and emotions are higher, which Erin Willett, Founder of The Tap In Team, believes presents a unique opportunity for leaders to connect with their employees and customers on a very genuine level. 

In Episode 10, Erin explains how a global pandemic has given people permission to be vulnerable and how vulnerability is paramount in nurturing cultures that can weather the storm and come out stronger. As we try to stay afloat and learn to navigate new waters, Erin teaches us:

  • How embracing ourselves fully invites others to do the same
  • The evolving definition of a strong leader
  • What companies must do to thrive in an era of connection

To learn more about conscious leadership and creating conscious cultures, connect with Erin on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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