The Catalyst with Samantha Kris

Iteractive Leadership

June 22, 2020

Marisa Murray offers a new look on leadership with her Iteractive leadership model. With stakes high and pressure on employees even higher, Marisa sees a lot of rigor on performance but much less on appreciation. With the scale being tipped, it’s no wonder the rate of burnout continues to rise. Iteractive is a combination of "iterative" and "active", and is a model based on 6 leadership actions, referred to has the 6 A's. This approach is transforming some of the most well known organizations through the integration of soft skills and celebration.

Learn more about Marisa and her work through her website and connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to check out her TEDx talk, Success without the Stress: The Iteractive Leader, as well!

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