The Catalyst with Samantha Kris

Fatherhood Disrupted

April 29, 2020

Learn how one man’s goal to eliminate fatherlessness has sparked a global movement of intentional fatherhood. Justin Batt woke up one morning with a “dad hangover” and recognized that he wasn’t showing up in the way he wanted to for his kids. Since that moment, he has made it his mission to be more present and help other dads do the same. In this episode Justin offers an unfiltered look at:

  • How pride and ego are getting in the way of men being good fathers
  • The importance of identifying father wounds and their impact on your family
  • Ways in which business tools can effectively be brought into parenthood

To join the Daddy Saturday movement, check out the website, the Daddy Saturday book and Justin’s TEDx talk. For additional resources, follow Justin on Instagram and YouTube and be sure to try the Alexa skill. 

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