The Catalyst with Samantha Kris

Emotional Alchemy

April 1, 2020

Episode 09 features professional human and real life adult, Leisse Wilcox. Despite an abusive upbringing, a painful divorce, and raising 3 girls as a single mother diagnosed with cancer, Leisse is relentlessly optimistic. She has learned to take the difficult and the ugly and turn it into something purposeful and beautiful, a process she calls emotional alchemy. She is a firm believer that if we want to change the world, we must begin by making the changes we want to see within ourselves.

In this episode, Leisse reminds us that we have the ability to control our direction and she offers tips to put us back in the driver’s seat.

This is a great listen for everyone who wants to level up but is particularly for you if you are:

  • Looking for ways to become more emotionally aware and intelligent
  • Eager to detach from feelings which are preventing you from making positive changes
  • Interested in gaming your internal system to propel you forward

Get more of Leisse by listening to her podcast, To Call Myself Beloved, or by visiting her website and be sure to connect with her on all social platforms @leissewilcox.

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