The Catalyst with Samantha Kris

Death, Life and Living

February 26, 2020

In Episode 04, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, Corrie Sirota offers a personal and professional perspective on how to navigate grief and loss. After losing her brother from a devastating hit and run by a stolen vehicle, Corrie’s life was never the same. This sudden loss changed her perspective on death, which in turn has changed her perspective on life and living. 

Unfortunately, we inevitably all face grief and loss. Fortunately, this episode offers coping strategies as well as an understanding of why we grieve the way we do. Corrie reminds us that we can and will find life after loss. Whether you are grieving or are interested in ways to best offer support to those who are, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. You will learn: 

  • The key difference between grief and depression
  • What NOT to say when comforting someone experiencing grief and loss
  • How society, circumstance, ancestry, relationships and support all play critical roles in how we each cope with loss

To connect with Corrie you can email her at and connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about the SCARS method in her TEDx talk, Loss and Found, as well as in her book, Someone Died... Now What.

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