The Catalyst with Samantha Kris

Building Resilience

March 25, 2020

When people around the globe declared that 2020 would be the year of clarity no one expected it to come in the form of a pandemic. But here we are, being required to adapt and level up in ways we were not prepared for. We are being forced to assess our lifestyle choices, the way we run our businesses and lead our teams, and fundamentally realign with what we consider to be important. Everything is being put into perspective and once this blows over, we will undoubtedly emerge with greater clarity. Opportunities for growth, personally and professionally, will be made available but we will only be able to seize them if we’re willing to change.

In Episode 08, Samantha shares how to best be prepared for opportunity when it comes knocking and how to keep cool in the meantime. Golden nuggets from this episode include:

  • 10 ways to build resilience during times of change
  • Tips for leading others through uncertainty
  • How to leverage change to enhance our agility

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