The Catalyst with Samantha Kris

Bee the Change

March 18, 2020

In Episode 07, Nick Melka shares what it was like being bedridden with debilitating symptoms of lyme disease, desperate for relief. Exhausted from all the pain and medication that wasn’t working, Nick hit rock bottom and turned to natural medicines as a last resort, where he learned about the healing properties of honey and bees. Within days of consuming unprocessed honey, his life drastically changed. With the help of his colony, today not only is Nick healthy, he is building an empire and bringing people together in a major way.

Nick is proof that the actions of one individual can have far-reaching ripple effects. He explains how opportunities began to appear once he chose to be the change he sought for his community and how you can be the change for yours. Nick also shares:

  • The importance education plays in initiating change
  • How adversity can be the catalyst for innovation
  • What the bees can teach us about collaboration and respect

To connect with Nick and support Miel MTL, visit their website and follow their journey on Instagram as well as Facebook.

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